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About Our Team

LIT Energy is a LED lighting distributor and consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio – servicing all 50 states. We started with the understanding that LED Lighting is changing the way people and organizations evaluate lighting products and projects. Lighting is no longer a commodity to arbitrarily price across a range of suppliers - every project has specific requirements with unique challenges.

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Case Studies

  • Location: Batavia, Ohio

  • Opportunity: 40,000 sq. ft. with 153 High Bay HID 400W Metal Halide lamps with 4,380 annual hours

  • Solution: Screw-in 230 watt LED retrofit lamp yielding 21,300 Lumens

  • Results: This warehouse & manufacturing facility reduced energy consumption 50% by reducing the fixture wattage from 458 watts down to 230 watts. The client achieved a total payback of 2 months for this project, an ROI of 600%.

  • Location: Columbus, Ohio

  • Opportunity: 800 unit residential apartment complex, 16 units per building, outdated 1980’s era lighting technology throughout

  • Solution: All interior and exterior unit lighting was converted to new LED fixtures and LED lamps

  • Results: With new LED fixtures and LED plug & play lamps, this apartment complex saved $28,756 annually in maintenance costs and $69,455 in annual energy costs. In all, this project yielded a 9-month payback period for the client.

  • Location: Dublin, Ohio

  • Opportunity: 24/7 operation 2,500 sq. ft. with 28 fixtures – four T12 lamps per fixture

  • Solution: De-lamp from four T12’s (36W) per fixture to two T8 LED Lamps (14W per lamp)

  • Results: By de-lamping from four fluorescent T12 lamps per fixture to two LED T8lamps, this client reduced total fixture wattage from 160W to 28W while maintaining existing light levels, overall an 82.5% reduction in energy consumption. By utilizing a rebate from the utility, the payback period for this client was only 6 months, with an ROI of 207%.

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